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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


One of my favorite drives in the world is the beautiful “Scenic Byway 12” that runs from Red Canyon to Torrey in Southern Utah. 

The route defies description. “Scenic Byway 12 spans a route of 124 miles, and travels through some of the most diverse, remote and ruggedly beautiful landscapes in the country. It runs through Utah’s Garfield and Wayne Counties and is home to two national parks, three state parks, a national recreation area, a national monument, and a national forest.

Along the way you will also discover that Scenic Byway 12 takes you through memorable landscapes, ranging from the remains of ancient sea beds to one of the world’s highest alpine forests, and from astonishing pink and russet stone turrets to open sagebrush flats. The history and culture of the area blend together, making Scenic Byway 12 a journey like no other. “

A portion of the route is along a curvy, spine of a ridge where leaving the road on either side would result in a deathly crash with a fall in excess of a quarter mile. Surprisingly, in this era of highway safety precautions, very little of the area has guardrails.

The burden of life or death lies with the driver himself. He must carefully choose the middle ground or risk sure death if he leaves the road. 

Not all choices in life involve instant or painful death when you go outside the bounds but there are degrees of risk every time you leave the middle or safer route. 

Choosing to stay within your own personal guardrails is always the safest and smoothest way to travel the Byways of Life.

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