A situation is never as good or bad as it seems at a given point in time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Forks in the Road

Imagine you are on a cross country trip where you are only driving on back roads and intentionally steer clear of major highways and interstates. Virtually, thousands of times you will come to an intersection or a fork in the road where you must choose which way to go. 

Without a detailed map (or GPS) you could easily end up driving in a circle or constantly going out of your way on your journey to your destination. The shortest route will obviously be the one that resembles a straight line from your origin to your end point.

Each intersection or fork presents you to make a decision of choosing the most direct route or choosing to head down a rabbit trail. Life presents you with the same type of decisions all day every day.

When an issue or question arises, we choose which way to go. We can travel level ground or jump on our roller-coaster. We can react or accept the situation. We can choose to be a victim or take responsibility and move forward.

We may not be able to control our situation or what others do, but we can always choose how we react. The key is to search for the middle ground.

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