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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Society of Victims

There has been a major cultural shift in the United States over the last sixty years in the way society looks at an individual’s plight in life.

After World War II there was a mentality of rugged individualism, a term coined by Herbert Hoover during his time as president. It refers to the idea that each individual should be able to help themselves out. Folks in general, took pride in being responsible for their own actions and the results of those actions.

Today, we have morphed in to something nearly opposite the self responsibility that rugged individualism entailed. There are many reasons that contributed to the change but we have arrived at the point where many in society choose not to accept responsibility of their actions or choices and shift the blame to others or their circumstances.

We have become a society of victims where everything that happens is the result of a person’s situation, upbringing, job (or lack of one), or any number of excuses.

Television shows and the media have glamorized anyone willing to whore themselves out as a victim in order to get their “fifteen minutes of fame.” 

So basically, being a victim has not only become socially acceptable, it has been glamorized and encouraged.

No one who walks this planet is immune from being a “victim” of some set of circumstances.

The difference between today and our grandparent’s day is how people respond to their situation. 

In the old days, there was pride in overcoming obstacles. Today, people chose to be victims as an excuse not to have to overcome the trials of life.

As we go forward, we will look at emotions that drive our roller-coaster in the same light. 
We can make choices as to how we choose to react to emotional stimuli to avoid becoming victims of our circumstances.

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